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Thanks for visiting my website. Since you’re here you obviously have some sort of website need or want to learn about launching/improving your website so you can grow your business.

My name is Gianluca and I am a Freelance Website Developer. My business name is Ianiro Group. I am a solopreneur meaning I am the team (the one person) that does it all. I do NOT outsource any of my work.

I provide free resources and information regularly and also have paid services.  

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    If you need help - Contact me!

    If you have a website and have an issue that you need someone to discuss it with feel reach out to me.

    You can either send me a message, call me or schedule a 30 minute call or zoom.

    Talking about a problem and if we can solve it over a call/zoom/email is free. Afterall I want to help you.

    I know that if you get value from me in the future you will come back when you have a new project I can help you with.

    Freelance Website DeveloperGianluca Ianiro

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    Listen and Subscribe to my Podcast

    Launch and Grow Podcast with Gianluca Ianiro

    I launched my Podcast in 2020 called the Launch and Grow Podcast with Gianluca Ianiro. The Podcast is available wherever you listen to podcasts (Apple Podcast, Spotify, Stitcher…)

    The Podcast is all about helping entrepreneurs launch their website and grow their business, by figuring out the technology so you can get back to building your business.

    The podcast is currently a solo show to start however over time I plan to:

    • have guests on the show providing some expertise
    • have entrepreneurs that are looking for help/consulting advice related to website and growing their business
    • answer questions submitted by listeners


    The following is a link to a Podcast Form I put together so that you want to provide:

    • comments,
    • recommended topic,
    • recommended guests (maybe you),
    • recommend consulting guest
    • or submit a question that can be added to a future podcast episode.


    Click the buttons below to listen to the podcast and don’t forget to subscribe so you get the latest episodes.

    STEP 5

    Ready to Work With Me?

    If you have a website or need to launch a website, I can help with all your website needs:

    • New Website Launch – for those who need a new website
    • Website Upgrade – for those who need to update their existing website
    • Website Maintenance – for those who want to continuously add new content to their website


    I am currently taking NEW clients so feel free to book your spot depending on what service you are looking for.


    STEP 6

    Website Launch Course – COMING IN 2021!

    The goal of the course will be to support entrepreneurs to get their website launched. Throughout the process you’ll learn about:

    • Domain,
    • Hosting,
    • WordPress,
    • Installing a theme
    • How to build your pages
    • What content to add to your website
    • What plugins to use,
    • Search Engine Optimization = SEO
    • Google Analytics
    • Social Media Strategy
    • Graphic Design Tool
    • Blog Posts
    • Creating a lead magnet
    • Create an opt-in form
    • Email Marketing
    • Regular Maintenance

    What you can expect by taking the course:

    • You will have a website at the end of the 4 weeks
    • You will be able to manage and update your website yourself
    • You will have a strategy moving forward to grow your audience/customer base

    I will walk you through all the steps by providing multiple actionable video and worksheets. 

    the course Will be offered at 3 different Levels of support/Price.

    LEVEL 1 - Do It Yourself

    -The entrepreneur does it themselves through my course (videos, instructions, worksheets).

    -Email support provided meaning if you are stuck on a step and need some advice, you can email, and I will walk you through the solution.

    LEVEL 2 - Do It with Support

    -In addition to all the items in Level 1 you will have individual zoom calls with me so that we can work through any items you are struggling with.

    -This is a personal consulting call

    Level 3 - I Do it For you

    -You still get access to all the course material however I do the work in launching your website.

    -The entrepreneurs will need to provide content to be added to the website which will be provided through worksheets that need to be completed.

    -In addition, you will get email support and zoom personal consulting calls.

    -I will also provide all the steps and instructions so I can hand over the keys to your website so you can feel comfortable taking it over.

    -I will provide an additional option in case you want me to continue to manage and update your site as required.

    Get On the waitlist and take advantage of the following:

    • 20% founder’s discount on the price of the course.
    • 20% founders discount is applicable to any level selected.
    • 20% founders discount is only available to those on the waitlist
    • There is no commitment to purchase the course.
    • Be notified as soon as soon as the course is released.

    Need Help with Your website?

    drop Me a line and keep in touch

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